Samuel Hubinette by Alison Merion

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Just because I have fallen off the face of drifting earth, does not mean the sport has stop moving. Hopefully my work schedule will open up a bit for the season closer at Irwindale Speedway. Samuel may have lost title sponsor MOPAR in the Detroit fallout this season, but this picture by Alison Merion sure makes him look good. Click here for a high resolution version.

DON’T HATE MY V8 Sticker v1.0

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What’s New with Forsberg’s Nissan for 2k9

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She’s my cherry pie!

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Import Drifting Japan Style with Vaughn

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Everyone here in the States knows that Imports are far better suited for drifting. Over in Japan, this trend has not quite caught up, and most drift events are dominated by domestics. That being the case, Vaughn Gittin Jr has decided to finally jump on the Import bandwagon and will be hopping behind the wheel of one of the hottest drift imports to ever hit the tracks of Japan. Jr is putting up frequent video blog chronicling his adventure, click here to follow along.

STOP! Turn off the lights and watch this!

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Drift Mechanik’s Don’t Stop from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Drift Mechanik’s Don’t Stop from Will Roegge on Vimeo.